Paula Hart

Paula Hart

Hello, my name is Paula Hart GQHP Hyp Dip. I have been working and teaching in the field of complimentary health for over 25 years. I am based in Hassocks, West Sussex. As a professional and Clinical Hypnotherapist I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Council, the General Hypnotherapy Register, The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, The society of NLP and the Hypnobirthing® Institute. I am also a Certified Life Coach.

I am passionate about helping my clients make the changes that they desire and to have the life that they deserve, getting rid of self-limiting beliefs, fears and anxiety is the springboard to new beginnings and a balanced life.

My not so guilty pleasure is cooking great nourishing food for family and friends. I began my working life as a chef and over the years have developed a real love for good quality real food with great nutritional value. In my spare time I am usually found buried in health food books, I am passionate about helping people with weight issues whether that is too much weight, a battle with eating disorders or menopausal weight gain.
As well as working with individual clients enabling positive change, I have organised and run many retreats in Africa and Europe and hold regular motivational and coaching workshops. As part of my continuous professional development I am constantly updating and adding to my skills. I believe we should never stop learning.
I feel my life has been an exploration, through a deep desire to learn all that I could about myself and others, I have studied and qualified in many disciplines within the mind, body and spirit field of holistic health and have developed my own unique style of working, integrating all that I have learned. I have been blessed to have been mentored by and learned from some wonderful teachers over the years.
I truly believe that life is to be explored and one should never stop absorbing knowledge, this is a philosophy I live by and always bring to my work.

How can I help you?

In my practice I have successfully worked on a wide range of issues such as infertility, weight loss, eating disorders, childbirth, fear release, phobias, smoking cessation, end of life care and bedwetting, to name a few, many more issues have been tackled and overcome. I will always refer to another therapist if I feel an issue is outside of my range of capabilities. I have a particular interest in helping people achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle, lose weight and feel great, please take a look at my weight loss and coaching pages.

I realise that as people we are made up of many facets, in treating one area of the self without the others we are never fully able to change because there will always be a piece of the puzzle missing. As such in most situations, I will always be able to draw upon my tool box of experience to help you.
As a graduate of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programme I encourage a Mindfulness based approach to your healing and will always seek to empower you to take control of your life. I do know that if you are willing to change then it is possible and I can help to facilitate that. Although I do have a particular interest in women’s health matters I am also very experienced helping men on a path of change too.

Women’s health and wellbeing

Health has always been a particular field of interest to me and I believe in an integrated holistic approach to wellness.
I care deeply about good health and believe passionately that it begins with good food choices, food is not only medicine it feeds our mood too. It can play a huge factor in emotional wellbeing. As a Health and Wellbeing Coach I am always looking to support you on your journey back to good emotional, physical and spiritual health.
I am deeply committed to helping women cope with the sometimes demanding life cycles of menstrual health; infertility, childbirth and menopause (3rd Age woman) I am especially happy to see women change their attitudes towards themselves and grow in self-love and self-worth.
I specialise in women’s wellness and have trained in therapeutic Yoga for women’s health.I am also an experienced and certified HypnoBirthing childbirth educator.

When birth wasn’t what you had hoped for

It can be hard to get over the experience and trust in your body’s ability to birth successfully. Did your birth story leave you feeling afraid to try again? Are you pregnant again and fearful of the outcome this time?
In this situation I offer birth trauma release therapy sessions, a chance to release the trauma around your birthing and learn that the outcome of every birth is different and need not be faced with fear. I have helped many women have successful second births after birth trauma including many VBAC women who were able to experience calm, natural births second time around.

Women’s groups

Hypnotherapy and Coaching can be a great combination in helping women transitioning through menopause. I also run a monthly Wise-Woman circle where women can share their experiences in a safe, supportive environment.
I also run a support group for healthy living, share your health and wellbeing journey with others and gain support and practical advice from others on the same journey with you.

Please do call if you would like to know more about the above groups and their availability. Follow my Facebook page to see all the latest workshops and groups.

How do I work?

My Solution focused approach enables you to discover the underlying beliefs and hidden programs of the mind and notice how they affect you as a whole person. This approach instigates lasting change, allowing true healing to take place at a core level. I am a facilitator of change, helping you to discover the wealth of inner strength that you may not even know yet lies within you.

I work with compassionate curiosity and always with care and understanding. My approach is gentle yet direct and effective. I offer commitment to supporting you through your life’s changes and my aim is always to enable you to be fully in control of the process. I can help you change even life-long habits and restrictions, set realistic goals and achieve them if you are willing. I can help you to discover your own ability to empower yourself.

There will be times in life when you need a little help from someone who can see the bigger picture, sometimes when you are stuck a different perspective can be all you need.

Together let us discover what is holding you back and guide you forward to your full potential.

Contact me today and start the journey of positive change.