Only happy birth stories please

Please, only happy birth stories, my baby is listening.

Now here is a subject I am particularly passionate about: A woman’s right to a calm, pain free birth. Women have been disempowered in the past into believing that birth is intrinsically a medical procedure and therefore inevitably painful. This is simply untrue.

A woman’s body was designed by nature; it works perfectly and fundamentally needs nothing but itself to birth babies.

Birth should, and certainly can, be a beautiful experience and the rise of awareness and education in natural childbirth is both heartening and exciting. HypnoBirthing® is a wonderful program, created by Marie Mongan, it is a complete childbirth education program based on the knowledge that birth is natural and should be a gentle and satisfying experience.

Recently I have been getting out and about meeting other childbirth educators and professionals, we are a dynamic bunch of women taking the birthing world by calm (as Marie Mongan would say). It is wonderful to see a ground swell of collaboration between we like minded people all of us dedicated to the cause.

I have been meeting with local midwives and hopefully will be giving a talk very soon to help them learn about the benefits of HypnoBirthing®. I will be sharing inspiring birth stories from the growing army of happy mum’s who have used HypnoBirthing® and had beautiful gentle births.

It’s great to see the NHS beginning to take notice of a philosophy and program that can only serve them well. I predict in the coming years that HypnoBirthing® will become available through NHS providers, let’s send positive vibes to that one, after all every women deserves to have a positive birthing experience and every child deserves a calm, gentle entry into this world.

Would you like to know more or sign up for your HypnoBirthing® birth preparation classes ? Please contact me today!

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