Body Confident

Healthy eating

I believe mindset is the most important tool you can use if you want to have body confidence feel great and lose weight! Believing you can means you will, what we tell ourselves about ourselves becomes our reality.
Healthy and strong is the new sexy ladies. Come and work with me and say no more to fad, crazy, mind blowingly torturous diets! Say no to making yourself crazy with ideas of what the media says you should look and be like.
I’ve created my Body Confident program to help all women, all shapes, all sizes, I want you to believe in yourself, to accept yourself, to show the world what you’ve got!

I would like to say this right from the off, I do not believe in diets, they do not work in the long term. My aim in helping you with your health and wellbeing goals is to encourage you to learn to take care of and nurture yourself well, body, mind and soul.

I want you to feel great inside and out and to be filled with energy and vitality and most importantly learn to have confidence in you and your perfectly imperfect body. It’s all about the self-love baby and if you haven’t got any yet, don’t worry I’m going to help you find it.
If you are suffering with poor self-esteem or body image I especially would love to work with you. Don’t spend another precious second of your life beating yourself up when there is so much more fun stuff to do instead.

Hypnotherapy, mindfulness and good clear advice are part of my unique Body Confident wellbeing program. I want you to see yourself differently, more lovingly. Did you know that even if you are eating the right amount but are really overwhelmed by stress you can store mid body fat? I can teach you new habits and behaviours to reverse the process.
I’m going to help you change your thoughts around food, set realistic and achievable goals and make significant changes to your lifestyle that will lead to great health and energy levels.

Improve your relationship with food.

How is your relationship with food? Do you reach for the biscuits or whatever your comfort is when the going gets tough? Well you are not alone, so do lot’s of people but I am going to give you much better coping strategies that will leave you feeling better not guilty.
You may not necessarily be carrying too much weight but your weight may fluctuate constantly and you may feel as though you are unable to maintain a steady balance with your eating habits. You may be stuck in the convenience habit, I will show you how to make super delicious fast food packed with nutrition without going near a take away store!

Menopausal weight gain

If you are struggling with menopausal weight gain, feeling down on yourself and having the dreaded symptoms, let my Menopause Wellness Coaching lead you through it. First things first, stop beating yourself up over it and let me help you find your confidence again. I’m going to help you find a serious dose of self-loving care. You may be doing what you think are all the right things to no avail, this is because your hormones are changing, with rapidly dropping eastrogen levels. I can completely relate to this from personal experience! It will take a different approach to what you have been used to, small changes will make the world of difference.
You may need to completely change the way you have always lost weight in the past because simply put, your body is changing and so must the way you approach your health.

How about a fresh start?

My Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Programme will give you inner resources and courage as well as self- belief. You can let go of old conditioning often learned as a child, you can step out of the old image of yourself and start afresh.
We will look at what you’ve tried before and why it hasn’t worked or if it has then why you haven’t been able to sustain it.
You can eat the foods that you enjoy but will learn to eat consciously, re-learn your stop signals and lots more besides. We will set realistic and achievable goals designed to work uniquely with you.
We start with simple, easy, manageable steps giving you back control of your life. I can also help you with bringing the changes to your family.

The investment in your health

You will have 5 weekly coaching sessions that can either be taken face to face or via Skype, the choice is yours. You will get lots of help and support and some great tools and advice. I will be here to put you on the road back to self-love, self-belief and good physical and emotional health. You will also have access to Email support and if you need it, follow up motivational sessions can be arranged additionally.

Only £300 for 5 weekly sessions with a free 2 month follow up consultation plus email support after the course is finished up until your 2 month follow up appointment..

Book now and commit to yourself, your health and a happier life!

Distance is not an obstacle as I offer Skype coaching in the comfort of your own home. Email me for details and to arrange.

Wishing you every success on your Health journey, Let’s do it together!

Paula x