Life Coaching and Mentoring

As a certified Life Coach I really love to help you to make significant and positive changes in your life. It is so exciting to see the sense of achievement and success as you learn to take control of your life direction.
Are you feeling at ease with yourself and at peace with your life or do you increasingly feel as though something is missing. If you are ready to make a career change or perhaps the children have left home and you don’t know what comes next then coaching can be a really useful resource to help you make those all important decisions.It often amazes people the skill levels they have that they are not even aware of.

Do you want to live a life that fits well with your values even though you are not sure how to make those positive changes. Is fear holding you back?
Do you want to have emotional freedom, more depth in your relationships, to live a life filled with optimism and peace? Do you want to thrive rather than just survive?
If you have answered yes to these questions and are interested in living a more holistic life, one that fulfills you on a mind, body and spiritual level, then my Holistic Life Coaching and Mentoring Programme is for you.

How does it work?

You will learn how to work with mindfulness and to set realistic goals that bring you into alignment with your ideal vision of your life. I will teach you how to approach life from a cognitive and mindfulness standpoint and follow your inner guidance. Together we will map out possibilities that lead to clear ideas and positive action.
You will begin to overcome fears and blockages in your life. You will learn how to stay in alignment with your personal values as well as learning how to pull more of the life experience you want towards yourself. I will teach you how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique as a tool to instantly overcome emotional responses and bring you back to a sense of calm, a tool for life.
Importantly you will learn to set a clear pathway forward, using the best of your skills and strengths to help you figure out not only what you do want in your life but also what you are ready to move on from and how to do it!

Why have a coach?

Sometimes we come to a crossroads in life and just don’t know the right way to go. It helps to work collaboratively with a coach to set realistic and achievable goals, a coach will mentor, motivate and keep you focused, on target and accountable.
A coach can be particularly useful in guiding you and offering you a sounding board and sometimes a different perspective and yes even gently nudging you past your comfort zone! As a coach I can help you to open up new doors of perception leading to those wonderful ‘Ah ha!’ moments that bring the breakthrough you have been waiting for.

You will do the work and I will empower you by giving you the framework to help you to achieve your success.

I can help you to shatter those limiting beliefs and blockages that have held you back for so long and be the best version of yourself possible. I will help you to transform your thoughts and self-limiting beliefs, cleaning out imprints of old stagnant emotional responses, this alone brings an amazing feeling of lightness and freedom. I will show you how to be more authentic and to work with your own inner wisdom. Learn how to love your life and have more peace, love and joy than you have ever known!
So whatever your goal is, a happier life, a more meaningful career or a deeper spiritual connection then get in touch and start the journey back to you!

Who can coaching help?

Absolutely anyone can work with a coach, here are some of the many reasons you might;
Career change, kids have left home and now what? lifestyle and diet changes, need motivation to start a project, feeling lost, in need of motivation and inspiration. Do you want to have a conversation about how I can help you? If you’d like to book a call please email me through the email link on this page. I will be in touch to arrange a date!

Get a group together

This course can also be a wonderful group experience, I often run this as a breakthrough workshop over the course of a day. If you have a group of friends who would like to learn together then get in touch, I am happy to offer a discounted group rate. This would make an amazing girls day out, where you will learn how to focus on your strengths and get the life you would love! Email me to book a call.


Your investment in yourself through this transformative and life changing Holistic Life Coaching and Mentoring Programme is £450 Payable in two halves to help ease the financial investment.

You will receive 4 × 1-2-1 breakthrough sessions lasting approx. 1.5 hours each

This will set you on your path to a happier, more fulfilled and clearer future.
Book now! Skype coaching is also available.

Call 01273 844132

Skype sessions are also available.