Forthcoming Course

Reflexology is available to book at anytime.

Book a course of 6 reflexology sessions and receive your 7th “Post due date” session free

6 sessions for the price of 5; £200 This is a great value package as you receive a discount of £40 plus a free post due date session, saving you £80 in total.

Individual sessions can be booked via phone or email and are priced @ £40 each ( this includes induction sessions)

Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvinating treatment to help with all the pregnancy niggles: Backache, indigestion, sickness, sleep disturbances and many more symptoms can be eased.
This deeply relaxing treatment will also include advice on breathing for a more comfortable birth.

Your final session will be either on or after your due date to help give nature a nudge. Many times this has helped prevent induction and medical intervention.

Please call to arrange your session times.
01273 844132