Forthcoming Course

Do you want to come and play with a purpose? This will be a great day to plan, create and implement your dream life.
Ladies we have mostly all heard of the Secret and the Law of Attraction. Maybe you’ve even made a vision board in the past and even had some moderate success with what you have manifested, but have you heard of the Law of Positive Action Attraction?
This workshop will take Vision boarding to the next level and actually put your Vision into action!
You will spend the morning planning your vision of a future you/Life. Dream, Create and Achieve
By the time you leave you will have an amazing focus through the board that you have created as well as a personal plan of how to get the energy moving in your favour, speeding up the manifesting process.
If you can imagine it then you can Be it lovely!
Come and join me on this fun, creative, messy, purposeful day Together we will create your Vision and get you a head start on how to bring more of what you want into your life
There will be plenty of encouragement as well as a beautiful guided Visualisation to end the day and get the energy, motivation and most importantly action moving.
This awesome day will include materials needed to create something lovely.
Early bird Price £80 if paid in full before 5th March
Full Price £90 Paid prior to the workshop.