Living a Mindful Life

You may have been hearing the term Mindfulness a lot lately and for very good reason. Mindfulness is probably the most evidence based method in helping reduce stress, anxiety and pain. Many scientific studies have now shown that the practice of mindfulness has a real and beneficial effect on the brain.
Mindfulness trains you to live fully in the present moment helping bring a deeper sense of peace and relationship with yourself, others and the world around you.

Clearing out a cluttered mind

When I have a good clear out in my home I always feel better and actually more in control. It is exactly the same with our minds, by shedding the mind clutter, stagnant feelings and emotions we make space for clearer and healthier thoughts and feelings.

Emotions can be really powerful in leading our behaviours. If you are struggling with overwhelming thoughts, emotional or physical pain or just not coping with your life at the moment, then Mindfulness Coaching is really beneficial for you in helping you to gain back control over your body or your run away thoughts and feelings bringing deeper levels of peace.

Not only have I trained in teaching Mindfulness as both a Level 3 Master practitioner and Coach, I have personally taken the training for my own benefit and so I know and appreciate first hand what a great tool Mindfulness is for living a more peaceful, balanced and centred life.


Mindfulness Coaching places attention entirely on enabling you to go deeper and discover your limiting beliefs and behaviours. Together we will work specifically on your personal limitations and self-development, not often possible in a group setting. When the mind is free peace will naturally follow.

My Mindfulness Coaching is gentle and non-judgemental, non-religious and deeply honouring of all people, placing great value on the fact that we are all here having a human experience.
Please do get in touch if you would like to know more and get some real help in gaining mastery of your mind and life. You will get lots of help and support and some great tools and advice. I will be here to put you on the road back to self-love, self-belief and good physical and emotional health.

Cost; £300 for 5 weekly sessions with a free 2 month follow up consultation plus email support after the course is finished up until your 2 month follow up appointment.

Book now and commit to yourself, your emotional and mental health and a simpler, happier life!

Distance is not an obstacle as I offer Skype coaching in the comfort of your own home. Email me for details and to arrange.