Healthy Living and you

Healthy eating

With obesity levels at an all-time high and rising there is a great need to change the habits and patterns around the way we are feeding ourselves and our families. Its not just the need to keep our body at a healthy BMI its also about how we feel about ourselves.
I don’t know about you but I know I feel better in my body when I eat clean and healthily and always feel better when I take good care of myself. Like everyone else who doesn’t have an iron will I can have off days too and times when I am not doing the best for myself. Generally I know that a few days loading with good nutrients will change my mindset and get me back on track.
I love to help others to feel the same. I know that when my eating is “off” then I usually begin to feel sluggish, gain weight and generally will feel demotivated and over emotional. Does this sound like you?

With media and peer pressures to have the perfect body there is already a set up for failure every time. There simply is no such thing as perfect, even super models have insecurities. I would like to help you learn to take care of and nurture yourself. I want you to feel great inside and out and to be filled with energy and vitality.

Most people understand that eating healthily and taking exercise will help to maintain a healthy weight and BMI but sometimes that is easier said than done, unhealthy habits can become ingrained and hard to shake. If this sounds like the cycle you have been running in your own life then Hypnotherapy as part of this unique wellbeing and weight loss programme is for you and I can help. The power of the mind can harness the body’s ability to lose weight, I will teach you how stress can make you fat! Did you know that even if you are eating the right amount but are really overwhelmed by stress you can store mid body fat? more importantly I can teach you new habits and behaviours to reverse the process.
As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Life Coach, I’m going to help you change your thoughts around food, set realistic and achievable goals and make significant changes to your lifestyle that will lead to great health and energy levels.

Menopausal weight gain

If you are struggling with menopausal weight gain, feeling down on yourself and having the dreaded symptoms, let my Menopause wellness Coaching lead you through it. First things first, stop beating yourself up over it and let me help you find your confidence again. You may be doing what you think are all the right things to no avail, this is because your hormones are changing, with rapidly dropping eastrogen levels. I can completely relate to this from personal experience! It will take a different approach to what you have been used to, small changes will make the world of difference.
You may need to completely change the way you have always lost weight in the past because simply put, your body is changing and so must the way you approach weight loss.

It’s important to recognise that it can take up to ten years for your menopause to complete and during this Peri-menopausal phase a woman’s body is changing and adjusting to fluctuating hormones. Many symptoms are not recognised and are often mis-diagnosed as depression. The right foods, body movement and thoughts will help you move through this natural transition phase with ease and grace.

Improve your relationship with food, learn to eat nutritious and delicious foods

These sessions are designed to help anyone with a poor relationship with both food and body image. You may not necessarily be carrying too much weight but your weight may fluctuate constantly and you may feel as though you are unable to maintain a steady balance with your eating habits. You may be stuck in the convenience habit, I can show you how to make super delicious fast food packed with nutrition without going near a take away store!

Are you sick and tired of always being sick and tired? Food of course plays a major role in energy levels and restoring or maintaining your health. Did you know that food is medicine? When you begin to eat health filled nourishing foods many health and weight issues will resolve themselves naturally, we will focus on this and will not be counting calories.

Before you go on yet another diet and especially if you are considering weight loss surgery, I would like to explore with you the possibility of changing your relationship with your body and food forever, that means never ever dieting again, gaining control of your feelings towards food and yourself so that you can live a healthy and vibrant life. You can now choose healthy not skinny!

How does it all work?

My Weight balance and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Programme will help you to uncover your inner resources and courage as well as self- belief. You can let go of old conditioning often learned as a child, you can step out of the old image of yourself and start afresh.
We will look at what you’ve tried before and why it hasn’t worked or if it has then why you haven’t been able to sustain it.
Added to these tools we will work with relaxation techniques, Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, support and laughter. You can eat the foods that you enjoy but will learn to eat consciously, re-learn your stop signals and lots more besides. We will set realistic and achievable goals designed to work uniquely with you.
Diets do not work long term and as soon as you stop them weight will almost certainly come back and an unhealthy cycle of yo-yo dieting begins, you may already be in this cycle.
You will leave with tools that change the way you approach eating and will help to change your metabolism. In four simple steps you will be able to change your body and thoughts about food for the rest of your life.

Food for the soul

Over time you will begin to make healthier choices as you begin to see the changes in your body and your mindset. You will feel fitter and stronger and so you will naturally want to choose good food.You will have more natural energy and feel proud of yourself! Losing weight will be fun, fulfilling and you will feel great. I am a great believer in balance, so no crazy diets or fasting will be found here, that I promise. I will give you food to feed the soul.
We start with simple, easy, manageable steps giving you back control of your life. If you really love how vibrantly healthy you are beginning to feel I can show you how to optimise your nutrition and take it to the next level!

Are you are ready to do things differently and to throw away your scales?

If you answered YES! Then I am here to help you, and providing you stick to the principles that I will teach you, then you will transform the way you feel about yourself and as an added bonus you can transform your body too!

Weight loss and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Programme details

You will have 5 weekly coaching sessions this can either be face to face or via Skype, the choice is yours for convenience and ease of access, plus access to email support and if required, follow up motivational sessions can be arranged additionally.The investment in your health is £300 for 5 weekly sessions with a free 2 month follow up consultation. By booking a course you are making a commitment to your goal! You will also be able to join my support weight loss mentoring group where your first 3 weeks will be completely free.
Distance is not an obstacle as I offer Skype coaching in the comfort of your own home. Email me for details and to arrange.

Food for the family

Having taken control of your lifestyle and eating choices, how do you incorporate the changes for the whole family? If you are at a loss as to what to feed the family to ensure good health and nutrition and want to know how to create good habits with the children, ask me about help with food planning for all. I can give you basic kitchen skills, help you plan your store cupboard and menu plan as well as cook and freeze options so you never have to reach for that nasty take away!

Hypno-Gastric Banding

If you really are sure that this is the path for you I also offer Hypno-Gastric Band therapy to those who have simply tried everything and are now thinking of going down the surgical route. This is a safe, reversible alternative to dramatic weight loss surgery.

Where bariatric surgery costs between £4000 & £6000 with you having to go through a very invasive surgical procedure, Hypno-Gastric Band is a non-invasive virtual surgery at a fraction of the cost.

Hypno-Gastric Band is charged as a course of 4 sessions, with “top up” sessions for support and guidance, as and when required. The course of 4 sessions is £450, payable in two split payments – 50% prior to beginning your first session and 50% at the beginning of the third session.

Wishing you every success on your weight loss journey, I know you can do it!

Paula x